Crimes and Penalties, Book Two, Revised Penal Code



Title One: Crimes Against National Security and the Law of Nations

  • Chapter One: Crimes Against National Security

Title Two: Crimes Against the Fundamental Laws of the State

  • Chapter One: Arbitrary Detention or Expulsion, Violation of Dwelling, Prohibition, Interruption, and Dissolution of Peaceful Meetings and Crimes Against Religious Worship

Title Three: Crimes Against Public Order

  • Chapter One: Rebellion, Sedition and Disloyalty
  • Chapter Two: Crimes Against Popular Representation
  • Chapter Three: Illegal Assemblies and Associations
  • Chapter Four: Assault Upon, and Resistance and Disobedience to, Persons in Authority and Their Agents
  • Chapter Five: Public Disorders
  • Chapter Six: Evasion of Service of Sentence
  • Chapter Seven: Commission of Another Crime During the Service of Penalty Imposed for Another Previous Offense

Title Four: Crimes Against Public Interest

  • Chapter One: Forgeries
  • Chapter Two: Other Falsities
  • Chapter Three: Frauds

Title Five: Crimes Relative to Opium and Other Prohibited Drugs

Title Six: Crimes Against Public Morals

  • Chapter One: Gambling and Betting
  • Chapter Two: Offenses Against Decency and Good Customs

Title Seven: Crimes Committed by Public Officers

  • Chapter Two: Malfeasance and Misfeasance in Office
  • Chapter Three: Frauds and Illegal Exactions and Transactions
  • Chapter Four: Malversation of Public Funds or Property
  • Chapter Five: Infidelity of Public Officers
  • Chapter Six: Other Offenses or Irregularities by Public Officers

Title Eight: Crimes Against Persons

  • Chapter One: Destruction of Life
  • Chapter Two: Physical Injuries

Title Nine: Crimes Against Personal Liberty and Security

  • Chapter One: Crimes Against Liberty
  • Chapter Two: Crimes Against Security
  • Chapter Three: Discovery and Revelation of Secrets

Title Ten: Crimes Against Property

  • Chapter One: Robbery in General
  • Chapter Two: Brigandage
  • Chapter Three: Theft
  • Chapter Four: Usurpation
  • Chapter Five: Culpable Insolvency
  • Chapter Six: Swindling and Other Deceits
  • Chapter Seven: Chattel Mortgage
  • Chapter Eight: Arson and Other Crimes involving Destructions
  • Chapter Nine: Malicious Mischief
  • Chapter Ten: Exemption from Criminal Liability in Crimes Against Property

Title Eleven: Crimes Against Chastity

  • Chapter One: Adultery and Concubinage
  • Chapter Two: Rape and Acts of Lasciviousness
  • Chapter Three: Seduction, Corruption of Minors and the White Slave Trade
  • Chapter Four: Abduction
  • Chapter Five: Provisions Relative to the Preceding Chapters of Title Eleven

Title Twelve: Crimes Against the Civil Status of Persons

  • Chapter One: Simulation of Births and Usurpation of Civil Status
  • Chapter Two: Illegal Marriages

Title Thirteen: Crimes Against Honor

  • Chapter One: Libel
  • Chapter Two: Incriminatory Machinations

Title Fourteen: Quasi-Offense

  • Sole Chapter: Criminal Negligence

Title Fifteen: Final Provisions

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